2000 Ford Expedition Owners Manual

Ford expedition manual2000 Ford Expedition - Owner s Manual (256 pages)

Base curb weight plus payload weight. Message and data rates may apply. The readiness light will not illuminate immediately after ignition is turned on. Place the provided height adaptors onto the back of the storage bin door as needed.

FordPass smartphone app is compatible with select smartphone platforms available via download. Third row seat The third row seat is equipped with combination lap and shoulder belts in the outboard seating positions and a manual adjust tongue lap belt in the center seating position. Automobile Ford E Owner's Manual Ford motor company ford e owner's guide pages. In a collision, skype on my desktop people riding in these areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed. Page Maintenance and care Do not put engine coolant in the windshield washer fluid reservoir.

Ensure the correct automatic transmission fluid is used. Aftermarket on-board diagnostic devices may interfere with various vehicle systems including Vehicle Health Report and Assist. Install the dipstick making sure it is fully seated in the filler tube. Page How to use the automatic locking mode Buckle the combination lap and shoulder belt.

Refer to the Driving chapter for more information. Install the retainer through the wheel center and slide the wheel under the vehicle. Pull down support bar and push into floor latch.

The control is located on the outboard side of the seat cushion. Rotate floor latch down into floor tub. The fuel system may be under pressure.

Ford expedition manual

Unsnap the shaft of the handle from the two retaining clips attached to the top of the radiator shroud. Since sudden changes in terrain can result in abrupt steering wheel motion, make sure you grip the steering wheel from the outside. Hold the control to fast-forward through the remaining discs. State or local regulations on volatile organic compounds may restrict the use of methanol, a common windshield washer antifreeze additive.

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Steady speeds without stopping will usually give the best fuel economy. The interior lamps and running board lamps if equipped will illuminate. Please ensure that the seat is in the upright, fully latched position before putting the vehicle in motion. Protect yourself from engine heat. Do not tow with a slingbelt.

Pull toward you to deactivate. Normal vehicle operation does not require any action by the driver. If not latched, the seat may cause injury during a sudden stop. These systems may become damaged in a crash.

Ford Expedition Owners Manuals

Press the unlock control, then press the lock control. Washing your vehicle Wash your vehicle regularly with cold or lukewarm water. At lower speeds, maneuverability will be increased. Illuminates as an early reminder, fuel gauge refer Fuel Gauge, comes on, the amount of fuel that is added will be less than, advertised capacity since there is fuel still in the tank. Refer to Adding engine coolant, in the Maintenance and Care chapter.

Fees apply for additional sessions. Do not start the engine when your vehicle is on the jack.

Ford expedition Owners Manual

Please contact your dealer for further information. If engine coolant is sprayed onto the windshield, it could make it difficult to see through the windshield.

Page Recycled engine coolant Ford Motor Company recommends the use of a recycled engine coolant produced by Ford-approved processes. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit financing.

To lower the shoulder belt height, push the button down and slide the height adjuster down. To set the parking brake, press the parking brake pedal down until the pedal stops. The decisions of the Board are binding on Ford and, in some cases, on the dealer but not on consumers who are free to pursue other remedies available to them under state or federal law.

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Avoid sudden applications of power and quick changes of direction on snow and ice. Commands may vary by phone and Applink software. Higher readings may be obtained when the vehicle is not moving. Page In very cold weather, do not fill the reservoir all the way.

Start the engine of the disabled vehicle. Press the button during rewind or fast forward to stop the rewind or fast forward function. Press to eject the magazine. Driving with the parking brake on will cause the brakes to wear out quickly and reduce fuel economy. If the fuel filler cap is venting vapor or if you hear a hissing sound, wait until it stops before completely removing the fuel filler cap.